Loaf Comic

Loaf Comic

From an early age, natural bodily functions make us giggle. It’s like these food processing organs are connected to our funny bone. I’m not sure what it is, but a loud fart or seeing someone do a mad dash to an outhouse just makes us laugh.

Check out Loaf Comic. It’s all things potty humour related neatly packed into a simple comic strip. There’s nothing fancy about the drawings but that’s not where the humour lies. Instead, it’s the crude facial expressions and the scenarios that tickle our funny bones.

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Loaf Comic


What’s Rebecca’s Future?

If you haven’t heard about Rebecca Black yet, where have you been hiding?  She’s a 13 year old singer (who started vocal lessons when she was 10).  She’s recently had a video produced by Ark Music Factory for a song called Friday and posted on YouTube.  And that video has gone viral.

Currently the video has been viewed more than 17 million times since the middle of February when it was originally posted (most of those views coming within the last week).  See the video below.

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Is it Golf Season Yet?


Winters in Winnipeg are long and cold. Not a great place to live for a golf enthusiast such as myself. I’ve been golfing for 25 years but have really taken it to the next level in the last year or so. Addiction is such a strong word, but I suppose that’s what it’s called when you think about it almost every hour of every day.

What do I like about it so much? There’s lots to like. First, I love being outdoors, in beautiful surroundings. Golf is perhaps the only sport on the planet that puts you outdoors and on nicely landscaped land. Big trees, beautifully mowed grass, gleaming ponds. Beautiful.

Second, I love the challenge. When I first started, like almost everyone who just starts golf, it was a very tough sport to do well in. I started when I was 13 and couldn’t hit a drive longer than 150 yards. That made the par 4 and par 5’s pretty much impossible to reach in regulation (reach in 2 shots on par 4’s and 3 on par 5’s). However, as I practiced and played more and more, I gained distance and those longer holes became reachable, making the game much more fun. I find it exhilerating when you have a putt for a birdie.

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Daily Deals – Oh Sure, Be Gender Specific!

There’s been a lot of activity lately around the daily deal concept.  If you haven’t heard of this, it’s the latest craze whereby you can sign up for emails from a number of “daily deal” providers.  Each day they promote one local deal which is generally in the 50-70% off the regular price range.

If you’re diligent and plan ahead, you can save yourself a lot of cash but you gotta act fast.  Generally you have one day to decide if you want to purchase the deal or not.  If you decide to purchase, you buy the “coupon” up front then you use it any time up until its expiration date.

There’s a pile of providers out there right now and you may have even heard that probably the most popular one, Groupon, was attempted to be purchased by Google for $6 billion.  Groupon turned them down.  But Groupon isn’t the only one out there.  In fact, Google is creating their own now and we’ll probably see it in operation very soon.  It’s going to be called Google Offers. Read more of this post

The Insignificance of Groundhog Day

There should be a latitudinal cutoff point for the significance of groundhog day.  For those of you who have been living in a cave for the past 30 years, let me reiterate the rules of this absurd event.  Basically every year on February 2nd, Groundhog Day, a groundhog (in each region) is supposed to come out of its hole, look around and take note of whether it sees its shadow or not.  If it sees its shadow then there will be 6 more weeks of winter.  If he doesn’t, an early spring will result.

First of all, I don’t quite understand the significance of the whole shadow thing.  And how can one particular day being sunny or not affect the weather six weeks into the future?  And why a groundhog?  Why can’t it be something cool like an owl or a porcupine? Read more of this post

The Hazards of Streaking

Even though it’s only 24 seconds long, this video is most likely the funniest video I’ve ever seen.  I’ve watched it so many times and I laugh EVERY time!



Hyperbole and a Half

Blogs are fun to read.  That’s why we read them.  Some blogs are about specific topics, like music, or photography or video games with facial hair.  My blog isn’t specific at all.  It’s about whatever comes to my mind.  I’ve been reading another blog that isn’t specific either.  Well, it’s only specific in the method that the writer chooses to portray her stories.

Allie Brosh, the author of Hyperbole and a Half, has an incredible talent for taking everyday anecdotes and childhood memories and turning them into gold.  She uses a great mix of narrative details, sarcasm and exaggeration and combines that with crude, yet very relevant drawings.

I especially love the stories of her childhood.  Her latest post, Wolves, tells of the tale a group of 6 year old girls playing “wolf pack” with an unsuspecting teenage boy.

Allie’s blog didn’t start with her amazing story telling ability but that’s the direction it has taken for the past year or so.  Her blog hits went from near zero to nearly 2 million hits per month.  It takes a while (up to 16 hours) to produce a story and her average is about 2 to 3 stories per month, but they’re definitely well worth the wait.

Here’s an interview with Allie that True/Slant did back in May, 2010.

I suggest you check out Hyperbole and a Half.  My guess is that you’ll be laughing in no time.

The Battle of the Beard

              Christmas Eve and Christmas Day had come and gone
              With the festivities over my vacation begun
              I thought to myself do I shave while away
              Or let it grow and see what people will say

             So I ignored the razor for a day or two
             A prickly face began to poke through
             I enjoyed not shaving, gave my face a break
             For I was on vacation, for goodness sake

             The hairs grew longer day after day
             Past the awkward stage til it looked okay
             I rather enjoyed leaving my razor alone
             But by now my wife had started to groan Read more of this post

Knock. Knock. It’s Christmas

This past weekend, a friend and I were talking about how Christmas just seems to have a knack for showing up on our doorstep without us even having to call for delivery.  Our wives handle most of the Christmas duties including gift shopping, gift wrapping, grocery shopping, baking and meal preparations.

Am I complaining?  Not at all.  Are our wives?  You better believe it.  Every year I hear “Next year you’re going to do all of the gift shopping.”  To which I always say “Ok, but I will do it on my schedule,” which means I will likely leave it until the last week before Christmas.  It appears that this is too much stress for her to bear so she ends up doing it year after year.  Or, I use this line:  “Gift certificates for everyone.”  She hates the idea of gift certificates.  I used to buy them for Christmas all the time when I was single – quick shopping and no wrapping! Read more of this post

Like, Like, Like, Like

At what age do females drop the constant use of the word “like”? It’s definitely post high school. That I know for a fact.

The other day I’m riding home on the bus when a couple of high school girls get on and sit right behind me. I tried to ignore their conversation and just keep reading the news site on my phone. But a barrage of “likes” kept streaming at me like the word had an expiry date and they had to use them all up before it went bad. Read more of this post

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