The Fabulous Blue Bomber Show

Even after 5 seasons of producing the Fabulous Blue Bomber Show, I’m surprised that so many Bomber fans have never heard of Shaw TV’s little gem.

With Ace Burpee and Kim Babij as the hosts, this show is both informative and entertaining.  A new episode is produced each week and airs on Shaw TV on Wednesdays and Thursdays (although there’s no specific time when you can catch it) and is put on Shaw TV’s website on Thursdays.  It also makes its way onto Shaw’s Video library.  The show is usually 20 minutes long.

The premise of the show is not to go through the previous week’s game, but instead they allow you to get to know the players on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.  Segments such as “One minute with…”, “Glenn and Steve’s Fabulous Adventures” and “Getting Schooled” are educational and amusing.

For example, Glenn January and Steve Morley went to Thunder Rapids recently and held a challenge between the two.  It included go carts, mini golf and air hockey.  I won’t tell you who won but it included lots of great jabs at one another.

Check it out on channel 9 on Wednesdays/Thursdays on Shaw TV in Manitoba.  You can also look in the Video on Demand library under Free Stuff although I’ve noticed that they are a few weeks behind putting these in there.  If you don’t catch it on TV, you can click on this link Fabulous Blue Bomber Show to go to their website.  (I’ve also put the link in the Interesting Links section on the right side of the page.)

Check it out.  You’ll be glad you did.


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