How Stuff Works

Have you ever stepped onto an escalator and wondered how the stairs form right before your eyes, transport you up or down then disappear again into the floor?  What’s going on under the escalator to make this happen?  Or, have you ever questioned why, all of a sudden, you start hiccupping?  What exactly is happening to your body that makes it spasm like this?

Here’s a website that answers all of those questions.  Started in 1998 this website has accumulated thousands of articles on any topic imaginable.  It’s easy to understand explanations allow any reader to comprehend even the toughest of subjects.  This along with pertinent graphics, videos and interactive demos make this site a must see.  This site has won multiple Webby awards, was among Time Magazine’s “25 Web Sites We Can’t Live Without” in 2006 and 2007, and has been one of PC Magazine’s “Top 100 Web Sites” four times, including in 2007.

I’ve used it many times, even when I’m preparing to fix something around the house.  For instance, I wanted to fully understand how toilets work before I replaced the wax ring.  I used this site to understand how car engines, refrigerators, and rockets work.

I’ve been using this site since its inception (don’t ask me to remember how I stumbled upon it).  It’s layout has changed significantly (for the better) and the ability to search for any topic in mere seconds makes it a very handy tool when you need to know how something works right away.

Try it out, I’m sure you’ll find it useful too.


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PMP and Prince2 certified project manager.

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