Chocolate Obsession

Remember the scene in Finding Nemo where Dory and Marlin are fighting over the diver’s mask in front of Bruce, the great white shark?  Marlin lets go and it bonks Dory in the nose.  Her nose starts to bleed and Bruce inhales the aroma bringing a massive smile to his face?  “Oh yeah…” he beams.

Oh, That’s Just Not Fair!

According to a local radio station in Winnipeg (CJOB), an 18 year old woman (who just turned 18 years old on Labour Day) won 1 million dollars playing scratch and win tickets.  As I’m sure you know, you can’t purchase lottery tickets until you’re 18.  She purchased the tickets one day after her birthday.  And here’s the unfair part… this was Taylor Witzke’s first time playing the lottery!  Where’s the justice in that?!?  Umm… I mean, congratulations Taylor.

Here’s the story:

It’s a Touchdow… Fumble!

If you flipped on any sports show on TV since Saturday, you will have seen the fumble returned for a touchdow… errr.. make that another fumble.  It happened in the game between the Toronto Argonauts and B.C. Lions on Saturday (September 11th).  The ball was fumbled by quarterback Casey Printers, a scrum ensued and it was picked up by Ronald Flemons of the Argonauts.  All he had to do was jog it into the endzone for a sure touchdown.  Watch what happens.

Not being an Argonaut fan, I was delighted to see this.  I’m sure Ronald Fleming won’t ever forget this and he certainly won’t ever live it down.


Telemarketer Pesticide

The phone rings, it’s a number you don’t recognize but you pick it up anyway.  Who knows, it could be someone you haven’t heard from in a while.  Perhaps a chance to catch up.  Big mistake.

“Hi, is this Jack Smith?”

“Yes,” you respond, wondering if you should have agreed.

It’s Simon Wall from Xenix Product Corporation calling.  How are you doing today?” they start off, like that’s his real name.

“Good,” you answer, cringing.  But before you have a chance to even think “what’s this about?” he’s on you! Read more of this post

Did You Know?

Did you know that there are 4 pages of extras updated daily on Today’s Tangent?


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Toon o’the Day supplies you with a little chuckle to help you through your day.


So click on these pages daily to get your daily dose of Today’s Tangent!

Bud Light Commercials


Bud Light commercials are some of the best ads on TV.  Here are some of my favourites.

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Lego – Where Did All of the Creativity Go?

My most favourite toy growing up was lego, no question about it.  These simple connection blocks entertained me for hours upon hours.  And, I believe these simple blocks gave me the opportunity and practice to use my imagination to picture the final product and work backwards to construct my compositions.

Why am I writing about this at my age?  (quit snickering out there!) Read more of this post

All Work and No Play Makes Brian a Dull Boy


What brings everybody in a work environment together?  That’s right.  Office pranks!  And I’ve been involved in a number of them over my career.  Some good, some bad, some great.  Here’s a snippet of some of the things that have “happened” in my workplace. Read more of this post

GPS Systems – How Cool are These Things?

The family and I are planning on taking a road trip to Minneapolis (from Winnipeg) this fall.  Driving for 10 hours with the kids – which includes rest/bathroom stops – won’t be exactly peachy and will probably end up being a blog post in itself (stay tuned for that one).  Since it’s nearly impossible to read a map and concentrate on driving in any major metropolitan area at the same time, I decided to eliminate any fighting that is guaranteed to happen between me and my wife.  I went out and purchased a Magellan GPS system.

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SurvivorMan – This Guy’s Got Some Serious Thrill Issues

A couple of weeks ago I was relaxing at the cabin, watching some TV (roughing it, I know) when my dad put it on a show called Survivorman.  The premise of this show puts the host, Les Stroud, in a remote area with only a few tools and some camera equipment, to survive for seven days before making the trek to the pickup point where his crew meets him.  He brings no water, no food and no matches.  He makes his own shelter out of whatever nature provides.  He builds fires in order to keep warm, ward off animals and cook his food.  He hunts and collects whatever food he can find.  Most times he goes days without eating.

Les, 47, was an instructor for 20 years in wilderness survivor skills, white water paddling, sea kayaking, hiking and dog sledding.  He’s carried out some 25 of these Survivorman missions from such remote places as Labrador, Africa, South America, Asia, and many others.  Les has not had to be rescued yet in the three seasons the show has aired, but they did have to pull the plug on the Labrador excursion due to bad weather that put both the crew and Les in danger.  He’s been chased out of the jungle by a jaguar once, and almost pulled the plug in the Kalahari desert due to heat stroke (it was 61 degrees Celsius), but he said the most scared he’s ever been was in lion territory in Africa.

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