Seriously, Wake Up and Move Over

It’s been a long, busy day at work and now you’re looking forward to getting home.  One relatively quick bus ride and you’ll be there.  You board the bus and choose an empty seat next to a window.  The seat beside you is vacant.  Ahh… you can stretch your legs out and relax.

On the very next stop a passenger chooses to sit right beside you.  “Great!” you think.  So you begrudgingly shuffle over towards the window.  He takes this action as an invitation to spread out himself and get comfortable.  Now you’re squished against the bus wall.  “How long is this joker going to be on the bus,” you think to youself.

So, to pass the time, you watch the city go by out of the window.  About 5 minutes into the ride you feel his arm leaning up against yours.  Without looking at your seat partner you move your arm, in an attempt to non-verbally say “Hey… I’m sitting here too, give me some space.”

Not more than 2 minutes later you feel him leaning on you again, only this time with more force.  You glance over.  His head is slumped forward, almost hitting the seat in front of him.  His eyes are closed and he’s SLEEPING!

Now you make more movements to try to wake him out of his slumber and hopefully retreat to his own half of the seat.  He wakes for a moment then his eyes get droopy again and his head returns to the fallen position one more time.

This ballet continues for the rest of the trip.  Miraculously he wakes up a few hundred meters from his stop then slumbers off of the bus.  By now your legs are throbbing from being confined for so long and your left arm is draped over your right leg in an attempt to cease touching him.

Why do the bus sleepers always have to sit next to you!

What burns your ass?


About brianwawryk
PMP and Prince2 certified project manager.

2 Responses to Seriously, Wake Up and Move Over

  1. Saw a sleeper on the bus the other day that was drooping out into the aisle (and making it difficult to get by). He must have really been sleeping hard because at one point he actually fell out of the seat onto the floor and the bus driver had to come wake him up!

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