Happy 25th Birthday, Mr. Jacket

I’ve always taken good care of my things.  But even I’m impressed with this accomplishment.  My new jacket from when I was 13 (in grade 7) has seen more than its fair share of use.

Soon after I got the jacket back in the late 80’s, I was golfing with my dad at Kildonan Park Golf Course.  It became too warm for a jacket so I tied it onto my golf bag.  Without noticing, the jacket had fallen off.  We didn’t recognize that it was missing until the 17th hole.  After we finished up the 18th, we waited around to see if anyone behind us had found it.  We asked the group behind us and they said, “no, didn’t see it.”  That’s when my dad saw it hanging on one of their golf bags.  Those liars!  We called them on it and they returned it to us.  From that moment on, I took extra special care of the jacket and it has paid off many times over.

It started out as my school jacket.  I wore it for a few years then it hit the closet and I only wore it sporatically.  Soon it became my “work” jacket that was pulled out any time I needed to stay warm while doing yard work, fixing things around the house, painting, etc.  Most recently it came into use while putting up Christmas lights, painting my windows and cutting my grass.  It’s my official camping and cabin jacket.  It’s seen many bonfires but has no burn holes, miraculously.

Ripped Inside Pocket

It’s definitely not in the shape it once was.  The inside pocket is half ripped out rendering it useless, it’s got paint on the back, the sleeves are marked up with grease, the collar is faded from the sun, the zipper is a little finicky and the sleeves are a little short.  But, every time I need a work jacket, it’s always pulled out of the closet and put to good use.

It’s seen 25 years of service and I can see it going another 10 if my wife doesn’t throw it out on me!

Happy 25th Birthday, Mr. Jacket.


About brianwawryk
PMP and Prince2 certified project manager.

2 Responses to Happy 25th Birthday, Mr. Jacket

  1. Mr. Shorts says:

    Happy birthday and all the best. I can’t wait for my 25th Birthday.

    Slightly used,

    Mr. Shorts

  2. Lynn says:

    I was wondering how old this jacket was because it has been around for many a year. Happy birthday old friend.

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