Dual Survival

As I’ve written in a prior post, one of my favourite shows is Survivorman.  It was with this show that I found just how much I like watching and learning how to survive all types of situations.  God forbid, I hope I never have to use anything I’m learning.

So, when I was channel surfing one day I came across another similar style show.  It’s called Dual Survival and it premiered this past summer.  The premise of this show is two individuals are set into an environment where people may find themselves lost or abandoned.  These two individuals are not just any Joe Lunchbox and Jack Sixpack though. Read more of this post


My Review of “Bodies, The Exhibition”


Last night, a buddy of mine and I went to check out “Bodies, The Exhibition.”  This is an exhibit which displays real, human bodies, that have been preserved, and opened up to show the elements of the body that few ever get to see.

As soon as I found out that the exhibit was coming to Winnipeg, I was excited to go check it out.  I was also apprehensive about how gross or disgusting it might be as I could never be a doctor.  I don’t faint at the sight of blood or when getting a needle, but I’d rather look away at a gaping wound.  I mistakenly watched as my son was circumsized and although I didn’t collapse, my knees did get weak.  I had that vision in my head for months afterwards. So let me put your mind at ease.  I didn’t find the displays gross or disgusting at all.  I found them to be intriguing and I learned a lot on my visit.

The exhibit spans two floors of the MTS Centre Exhibition Hall (at 311 Portage Avenue).  The displays are spaced far enough apart so that there’s no crowding but not so far that the rooms look empty.  The area is kept dark with bright spotlights on each display. The rooms have dark walls with diagrams projected onto some of them. Bright white text also adorns some walls with extra information.  When you book your tickets, you have to indicate your arrival time. Only a certain amount of people can enter the exhibit at a time, leaving plenty of room to freely walk around and survey the specimens. Read more of this post

It’s National UnFriend Day (Nov 17)

Jimmy Kemmel (@jimmykimmel on Twitter) declared in his Wednesday show that today, November 17th, is National UnFriend Day [NUD].  A new holiday he hopes will inspire Facebook users to unfriend the social networking contacts that aren’t really their friends.

He explains on his show that there are people on Facebook that have 500, 600, … 1000 friends.  It’s impossible to have 1000 friends.  No one has time for 1000 friends.  Check out the video of this segment of the show.

Have you ever unfriended a contact before?  I had to once.  This person posted the most confusing, uninteresting, garbage in her status updates that I just couldn’t take wading through it any more.  So, I unfriended her.  I felt bad, wondering if she would notice, but it had to be done.

With this declared “holiday,” you can unfriend at will, without any remorse or excuse for ridding yourself of any social networking contact that you don’t believe constitutes a real friendship.

As for me, I don’t think I’ll be removing anyone from my friend list.  And I don’t know if it’s coincidence or if I’ve been the victim of NUD but last time I checked I had 207 friends.  Today, 206.  It’s virtually impossible to figure out who may have dropped off my list but if this deletion did occur today, then there’s nothing I can do but blame it on NUD.  (Hopefully it wasn’t something I said.)

Happy unfriending.

Police Scanner – Listen Live!

Ever wonder what the cops, paramedics and fire service talk about on their radios?  Get the inside scoop by listening here.  This is a feed of the WinnipegPoliceScanner.

Recently a law was passed banning cell phone usage by a driver in a vehicle.  I listened for a period while the cops pulled over dozens of drivers using their cell phones.  One guy even said he doesn’t own a cell phone.  They searched his vehicle and found the cell phone tucked under the seat.  BUSTED!

Another incident had fire trucks heading towards a fire drill.  Later an ambulance was dispatched to a hotel room for a woman who was vomiting blood.  Then car thieves were spotted trying to steal a car.

This stuff is addicting!

Use “crime” as the password (no double quotes).


*** Listen Here ***



Spell Write!

You’re reading a document, manual or email and you come across a spelling mistake.  Are you like me in that it disrupts your concentration on what you’re reading?  Instead of seeing the sentence as a whole, you start looking at the individual words.  Sometimes I have to re-read the sentence trying not to focus on the incorrect word.

I’m pretty particular, and old school, when it comes to writing and spelling.  I even write my emails in a fairly formal matter, with proper spelling and punctuation.  That’s just who I am.  Some call me traditional.  Some call me anal.  And some call me very anal.  That’s just me.

If this occurred only once in a while I wouldn’t have an issue with it.  I’d just chalk it up to sloppiness.  But I see it time and again.  And certain people make the same mistakes consistently which tells me they don’t know the rules of how to use these quirky words.  So, I figure it’s time for a refresher of grade school spelling and word usage.  Perhaps you already know this stuff, but for those who don’t, please study up and understand why each word is used, don’t just use the same word for each situation or worse yet, take a guess at which one would fit your context. Read more of this post

Lost in the Social Media Lingo?

Have you ever been part of a discussion about social media with people who are throwing terms around that you’ve never heard of and have no idea what they mean? Or have you ever read an article where the context of the newest social media terms don’t give any clue as to what it entails?

The following is a list of some of the most used social media terms and what they mean. Study up, do your own research on these terms then feel confident in participating in those discussions and reading those cutting edge compositions. Social media is here to stay. You may as well know what everyone’s talking about.


An archive may refer to topics from an online discussion that has been closed but saved for later reference. On blogs, archives are collections of earlier items usually organized by week or month. You may still be able to comment on archived items.

Avatars are graphical images representing people. They are what you are in virtual worlds. You can build a visual character with the body, clothes, behaviours, gender and name of your choice. This may or may not be an authentic representation of yourself.

Blogs are websites with dated items of content in reverse chronological order, self-published by bloggers. Items – sometimes called posts – may have keyword tags associated with them, are usually available as feeds, and often allow commenting. Blogs can offer readers the opportunity to comment on, and link to items. Because blog items can be made available from the site in a stream of content – known as an RSS feed – you can subscribe to them and read them through a newsreader or aggregator. That means you don’t have to visit a blog site to read it – you can pull the content to your desktop or a single website aggregator. Blogs are easy to set up, and update. Their disadvantage is that items can get buried under the growing heap of new content unless the author provides some signposting.

Blogosphere is the term used to describe the totality of blogs on the Internet, and the conversations taking place within that sphere.

Read more of this post

Random Acts of Kindness

With all of the negative news we hear these days including shootings, stabbings, robberies, car accidents, fraud, etc., it’s nice to read about some of the good things that are happening in life.  There really are kind people out there that go above and beyond to help someone else in their time of need.

The Winnipeg Free Press has a blog called, you guessed it… “Random Acts of Kindness.”  It features stories from people who emailed in their tales of some of the caring gestures and assistance they received from complete strangers.

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