Dual Survival

As I’ve written in a prior post, one of my favourite shows is Survivorman.  It was with this show that I found just how much I like watching and learning how to survive all types of situations.  God forbid, I hope I never have to use anything I’m learning.

So, when I was channel surfing one day I came across another similar style show.  It’s called Dual Survival and it premiered this past summer.  The premise of this show is two individuals are set into an environment where people may find themselves lost or abandoned.  These two individuals are not just any Joe Lunchbox and Jack Sixpack though.  They are Cody Lundin, a minimalist and primitive skills expert.  And Dave Canterbury, an army trained scout, sniper and hunter.

Cody is an internationally known professional survival instructor with more than 20 years of hands-on teaching experience.  He has lived in deserts and mountains and one of his claims to fame is that he has not worn shoes for 20 years.  He says he does this for a couple of reasons.  One is that it makes him slow down and take closer note of his surroundings.  The second is so it puts him in closer contact with nature.  It sounds like he’s a bit of a tree hugger, but after a show or two, you find out that he is not only trying to live in harmony with nature but will do whatever it takes (like cutting down trees and hunting wild game) in order to survive.  In my eye, that’s not a tree hugger mentality.

Dave has more than 20 years of combined military and civilian survival experience. He’s trained everyone from soldiers in the U.S., Central America and Korea in unarmed combat and close-quarter techniques.  He’s a very forward, aggressive individual that isn’t afraid of too many things.  He’s extremely good at hunting (setting traps, or using a home made slingshot and home made bow and arrow).  He’s not afraid to crack the neck of a trapped animal and gut it right there on the spot.  Dave perpetually questions Cody’s choice of the lack of footware as well as Cody’s upbeat attitude towards eating big, disgusting insects.  Dave’s the kind of guy that if he doesn’t have a big juicy steak in front of him, he’s not happy.



It’s interesting to see how these two individuals, who without the commonality of trying to survive would be polar opposites of each other, work together and discuss options.  Sometimes these discussions almost lead to arguments but cooler heads prevail and one or the other has to give in in order to survive and find their way to civilization.


The main difference between this show and Survivorman is that Dual Survival has a camera crew filming so more of the broadcast is dedicated to showing survival techniques instead of displaying the filming aspect of it.

The program is shown on The Discovery Channel. Check your local listings for times as it doesn’t appear to be on in a regular timeslot.  Set your PVRs for this one.  I’m always amazed how fast the hour flies by when watching the quest for surival from these two.

For more information on the show, check out The Discovery Channel’s web page for Dual Survival here: http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/dual-survival.


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