Knock. Knock. It’s Christmas

This past weekend, a friend and I were talking about how Christmas just seems to have a knack for showing up on our doorstep without us even having to call for delivery.  Our wives handle most of the Christmas duties including gift shopping, gift wrapping, grocery shopping, baking and meal preparations.

Am I complaining?  Not at all.  Are our wives?  You better believe it.  Every year I hear “Next year you’re going to do all of the gift shopping.”  To which I always say “Ok, but I will do it on my schedule,” which means I will likely leave it until the last week before Christmas.  It appears that this is too much stress for her to bear so she ends up doing it year after year.  Or, I use this line:  “Gift certificates for everyone.”  She hates the idea of gift certificates.  I used to buy them for Christmas all the time when I was single – quick shopping and no wrapping! Read more of this post


Like, Like, Like, Like

At what age do females drop the constant use of the word “like”? It’s definitely post high school. That I know for a fact.

The other day I’m riding home on the bus when a couple of high school girls get on and sit right behind me. I tried to ignore their conversation and just keep reading the news site on my phone. But a barrage of “likes” kept streaming at me like the word had an expiry date and they had to use them all up before it went bad. Read more of this post

My Big Twitter Win

So I’m fairly new to Twitter (@BrianWawryk).  I’ve maybe been using it consistently for about three months.  It’s like anything else though, the more you use it, the more you learn and become comfortable with it.  I began looking into it more when I started this blog with the thought that it would be a good avenue to do some promotion of Today’s Tangent.  Lately I’ve expanded my use from just tweeting about my new posts to replying to other people’s tweets.

If you’re new to Twitter or haven’t used it yet, let me share with you the basics about how it works and how to use it.

First, go to to sign up.  Choose a username and a password.  The first thing you should do is to find people you know to follow or search for those that tweet about interests you have.  For me, I follow a lot of professional golfers.. exciting, I know, but this is where my twitter win comes from… stay tuned. Read more of this post

Rest in Peace, My Friend


This past week I lost a dear and close friend.  I’ve known and been very close with this friend for over 30 years, since I was a little boy.  My friend comforted me and supported me throughout all of these years.  Now I’m left trying to find a replacement.  And it may be a long road ahead to find an adequate substitute.

“Replace a friend?” you’re asking?  “Substitute?  You heartless low life!” Read more of this post

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