My Big Twitter Win

So I’m fairly new to Twitter (@BrianWawryk).  I’ve maybe been using it consistently for about three months.  It’s like anything else though, the more you use it, the more you learn and become comfortable with it.  I began looking into it more when I started this blog with the thought that it would be a good avenue to do some promotion of Today’s Tangent.  Lately I’ve expanded my use from just tweeting about my new posts to replying to other people’s tweets.

If you’re new to Twitter or haven’t used it yet, let me share with you the basics about how it works and how to use it.

First, go to to sign up.  Choose a username and a password.  The first thing you should do is to find people you know to follow or search for those that tweet about interests you have.  For me, I follow a lot of professional golfers.. exciting, I know, but this is where my twitter win comes from… stay tuned.

In order to follow someone, search for them via the Who to Follow page on Twitter.  You can search on their name or their username (if you know it).  Then when you find them in the list, just click the follow button.  Or, you can search by general interest via the Browse Interests tab.

Following people is the easy part.  Unlike Facebook, you can follow someone without having them confirm your friend request like in Facebook.  There is one exception and that is if the person you wish to follow has protected their tweets then you will need to get their permission to follow them.  However, the default setting is for your tweets to be available to the public and most people leave it that way.

Getting followers is difficult.  In all the time I’ve been on Twitter, I’ve amassed a staggering 21 followers.  I’m still researching ways to increase the number of followers I have.  Now that doesn’t mean you cannot communicate with those that don’t follow you.  At first I thought I could send direct messages to other individuals but the direct message capability within Twitter is reserved for those that follow each other.  In order for you to communicate with other individuals is somewhat of a gamble however.  To do this, simply write a tweet and mention their username (complete with the @ sign in front of their username) within the tweet.  Then, you have to rely on that individual to click on the @Mentions tab.

Here’s an example.  Keith Bilous (@keithbilous) doesn’t follow me but I knew that if I put his username in my message, that he may find my message to him.  Sure enough, a little while later there was a reply to me.



When you get comfortable with following, tweeting and trying to get followers, you can expand your twitter ability to posting pictures and videos.  There are many web pages/utilities out there that make it easy to post this multimedia.  I use TwitPict ( for pictures and TwitVid ( for videos.  These two utilities also have mobile apps that you can use on your phone.

Without going too far for those of you who may be new to Twitter, there’s many more features to use including hashtags, lists, trending topics, verified accounts, etc.  You could easily spend days figuring out and using all of the features available.

When all is said and done, it’s a great communication tool.  It’s a great way to learn more about your favorite topics and just to connect with others who have the same interests as you.

Oh yeah… kind of got off on a tangent there… my big Twitter win…

I mentioned earlier that I follow a number of PGA Tour professionals.  One individual retweeted a tweet from another golfer (@petersparty) that is resurrecting an old  tournament to raise money for charity and that he needs followers.  The deal was he had prizes for his very first follower and his 100th follower.  Here’s his original tweet.


I decided to check out @petersparty’s profile and see just how many followers he had so far.  At that time he was at 87.  If you’re not familiar with Twitter, you’ll soon learn that things move very quickly.  Information is disbursed very rapidly and with all of the mobile devices out there, there is no lag time in a contest like this.  I quickly refreshed the page and noticed that he had moved to 89 followers.

Hmmm…. I thought.  If I time this right, I could click the Follow button at that precise time when he’s at 99 followers and be the 100th.  It took no more than 30 seconds for the count to rise to 99.  <Click>, I hit the Follow button.  I refreshed the page and noticed that it now said he had 100 followers.  I was sure I clicked the Follow button at just the right time.

No more than an hour or so later, @petersparty tweeted a congratulations to both the first follower and me, the 100th follower.  And that my prize was a flag from the 1988 Fred Meyer Challenge tournament in which all of the profressional golfers had signed.


A few weeks later and my prize arrived in the mail.  For those of you who follow golf, some of the players that signed it were:  Peter Jacobsen (ie. @petersparty), Arnold Palmer, Fred Couples, Bob Tway, Payne Stewart, Jack Nicklaus, and Chi-Chi Rodriguez.

It’s going up in my bar.  Thanks Twitter!


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One Response to My Big Twitter Win

  1. Barbara @ Just Another Manic Mommy says:

    thats really cool…congrats! i can’t take on twitter. i’m too overwhelmed, but if i ever do, i am going to use this post as a guide!

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