Like, Like, Like, Like

At what age do females drop the constant use of the word “like”? It’s definitely post high school. That I know for a fact.

The other day I’m riding home on the bus when a couple of high school girls get on and sit right behind me. I tried to ignore their conversation and just keep reading the news site on my phone. But a barrage of “likes” kept streaming at me like the word had an expiry date and they had to use them all up before it went bad.

Like, did you hear what Jeff said at like gym class today?”

“Oh yeah, like he wants to like get a job at like McDonalds?!”

Like isn’t that great? Maybe we’d like work together on weekends of something.”

I don’t recall hearing this persistent over use of the “like” word so much in school. But then again, perhaps as your ears mature, you tend to pay more attention.

And, I’m sure Facebook isn’t helping things out with this situation by putting a “like” button on everything.

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