The Battle of the Beard

              Christmas Eve and Christmas Day had come and gone
              With the festivities over my vacation begun
              I thought to myself do I shave while away
              Or let it grow and see what people will say

             So I ignored the razor for a day or two
             A prickly face began to poke through
             I enjoyed not shaving, gave my face a break
             For I was on vacation, for goodness sake

             The hairs grew longer day after day
             Past the awkward stage til it looked okay
             I rather enjoyed leaving my razor alone
             But by now my wife had started to groan

             “Shave it off already, what are you trying to prove?
             You know I hate beards, I don’t approve.”
             But I liked how it looked, and my kids think it’s neat
             And who am I not to give them this treat

             My wife halted kisses, no lovin’ for me
             So I begged and I begged but she’s too grumpy
             She threatened to shave it while I lay asleep
             “I could do it so easily since you sleep so deep.”

             “The white in your beard makes you old,” she cries
             To which I respond, “it just makes me look wise.”
             So I’m alone on my island of growing my beard
             Dodging jab after jab, I’m getting used to being jeered

             But this is “Survivor Beard”, thirty-nine days razor free
             To see what I’d look like if I were on TV
             My own little experiment, for the next little while
             Even if my wife doesn’t like it and thinks that it’s vile

             So wish me well, wish me luck at my Survivor quest
             Until February fourth when I shave off this nest
             For it will be too hot for time in Mexico
             But next year perhaps I’ll again let it grow


About brianwawryk
PMP and Prince2 certified project manager.

3 Responses to The Battle of the Beard

  1. Dave says:

    Gee, I have the reverse problem. When I shave clean, my wife insists I grow it back after a few days and the dog gives me the stinkeye…

  2. Shirley Wowryk says:

    There are very few guys who look good with facial hair. I agree with your wife on this one !

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