20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

Here is a list of 20 things of which some of you may know some of them but many of you won’t know the majority.

  • My favourite colour is green.
  • I weigh 170 pounds (15 pounds heavier than I did last year at this time – goodbye metabolism!).
  • I generally only watch television shows that are informative in nature.  My favourite channel is The Discovery Channel. Read more of this post

Netiquette. It Doesn’t Apply to Me, Right?

It was just a comment.  A short little quip in response to someone’s post on their blog or facebook, or a reply to a tweet.  So what?  Right?  Well, it could have detrimental effects.  And it may not even be an immediate effect.  It may come up months or even years later to bite you.

Consider this situation… Read more of this post

All Work and No Play Makes Brian a Dull Boy


What brings everybody in a work environment together?  That’s right.  Office pranks!  And I’ve been involved in a number of them over my career.  Some good, some bad, some great.  Here’s a snippet of some of the things that have “happened” in my workplace. Read more of this post

Contracting vs. Permanent Employment

Four years ago I took a big step and decided to leave my permanent job with EDS, a computer consulting company, and venture out on my own as an independent consultant.  I had been with EDS for 11 1/2 years.  A few people I knew had already made the leap and were successful in doing so.  I contemplated the idea for quite a few months.  It’s a big step.  The economy at that time (2006) was quite good (no recession as we’ve just experienced).

It was becoming quite apparent that even though my “permanent” job allowed me to “sit on the bench” between being placed at various client sites (and still get paid), even the large consulting companies were waiting mere weeks before laying off permanent employees who had been with the company for as many as 17 years.  I quickly saw that there was no loyalty and it would only take one short stint on the bench before unemployment came knocking. Read more of this post

Resume Writing – Take Your Time and Do it Right

While I was a Test Manager on one of my previous projects, the estimates for completing the required work was much higher than I had room for in my schedule.  There were no internal resources available so I had to look externally.  We put the word out to local and national contracting companies and were forwarded resumes of available individuals.

The first thing I noticed about these resumes was overall they were in pretty bad shape.  I had read the first couple of resumes from start to finish as I was intrigued to be on the hiring side of this process.  However, as time passed and the busier I got, I had less time to review these resumes.  The ones that did catch my eye were those that were formatted in a presentable, easy to read manner. Read more of this post

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