Is it Golf Season Yet?


Winters in Winnipeg are long and cold. Not a great place to live for a golf enthusiast such as myself. I’ve been golfing for 25 years but have really taken it to the next level in the last year or so. Addiction is such a strong word, but I suppose that’s what it’s called when you think about it almost every hour of every day.

What do I like about it so much? There’s lots to like. First, I love being outdoors, in beautiful surroundings. Golf is perhaps the only sport on the planet that puts you outdoors and on nicely landscaped land. Big trees, beautifully mowed grass, gleaming ponds. Beautiful.

Second, I love the challenge. When I first started, like almost everyone who just starts golf, it was a very tough sport to do well in. I started when I was 13 and couldn’t hit a drive longer than 150 yards. That made the par 4 and par 5’s pretty much impossible to reach in regulation (reach in 2 shots on par 4’s and 3 on par 5’s). However, as I practiced and played more and more, I gained distance and those longer holes became reachable, making the game much more fun. I find it exhilerating when you have a putt for a birdie.

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20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

Here is a list of 20 things of which some of you may know some of them but many of you won’t know the majority.

  • My favourite colour is green.
  • I weigh 170 pounds (15 pounds heavier than I did last year at this time – goodbye metabolism!).
  • I generally only watch television shows that are informative in nature.  My favourite channel is The Discovery Channel. Read more of this post

It’s a Touchdow… Fumble!

If you flipped on any sports show on TV since Saturday, you will have seen the fumble returned for a touchdow… errr.. make that another fumble.  It happened in the game between the Toronto Argonauts and B.C. Lions on Saturday (September 11th).  The ball was fumbled by quarterback Casey Printers, a scrum ensued and it was picked up by Ronald Flemons of the Argonauts.  All he had to do was jog it into the endzone for a sure touchdown.  Watch what happens.

Not being an Argonaut fan, I was delighted to see this.  I’m sure Ronald Fleming won’t ever forget this and he certainly won’t ever live it down.


The Fabulous Blue Bomber Show

Even after 5 seasons of producing the Fabulous Blue Bomber Show, I’m surprised that so many Bomber fans have never heard of Shaw TV’s little gem.

With Ace Burpee and Kim Babij as the hosts, this show is both informative and entertaining.  A new episode is produced each week and airs on Shaw TV on Wednesdays and Thursdays (although there’s no specific time when you can catch it) and is put on Shaw TV’s website on Thursdays.  It also makes its way onto Shaw’s Video library.  The show is usually 20 minutes long. Read more of this post

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