Waiting to Pay

You’re in a hurry at the store.  You’ve got 2 minutes to catch your bus or 5 minutes to get to your kid’s music lesson.  Whatever it is, you just want to pay for your purchases and get out of there as fast as you can!  You quickly scan the tills to find the shortest line.  Ah ha!  There’s only one person in line at cashier #3.

With blazing speed you move into position in line.  With delight you notice that all of their items are already scanned and bagged.  They only have to pay.  This will be quick!  Then you realize what’s happening… N-O-O-O-O… they’re pulling out a change purse!

That’s when you notice the white hair and shaky hands.  They’re not looking for exact change, are they?  “I know I have a nickel in here somewhere” they tell the clerk.  Precious seconds pass, they continue searching until finally the inevitable happens.  They dump out all of the change onto the counter and begin sifting through each coin.  Oh man!  Finally they find the elusive nickel.  Now it’s onto finding three measily pennies.  At last the payment is complete (at least they don’t have to put any change away!).  You quickly get your two items scanned and pay by swiping your card and pressing 8 buttons in rapid succession on the interac terminal.  Done in 4 seconds flat!  You fly by the “change purse payer” on your way out the door.

What burns your ass?

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