It’s National UnFriend Day (Nov 17)

Jimmy Kemmel (@jimmykimmel on Twitter) declared in his Wednesday show that today, November 17th, is National UnFriend Day [NUD].  A new holiday he hopes will inspire Facebook users to unfriend the social networking contacts that aren’t really their friends.

He explains on his show that there are people on Facebook that have 500, 600, … 1000 friends.  It’s impossible to have 1000 friends.  No one has time for 1000 friends.  Check out the video of this segment of the show.

Have you ever unfriended a contact before?  I had to once.  This person posted the most confusing, uninteresting, garbage in her status updates that I just couldn’t take wading through it any more.  So, I unfriended her.  I felt bad, wondering if she would notice, but it had to be done.

With this declared “holiday,” you can unfriend at will, without any remorse or excuse for ridding yourself of any social networking contact that you don’t believe constitutes a real friendship.

As for me, I don’t think I’ll be removing anyone from my friend list.  And I don’t know if it’s coincidence or if I’ve been the victim of NUD but last time I checked I had 207 friends.  Today, 206.  It’s virtually impossible to figure out who may have dropped off my list but if this deletion did occur today, then there’s nothing I can do but blame it on NUD.  (Hopefully it wasn’t something I said.)

Happy unfriending.


Netiquette. It Doesn’t Apply to Me, Right?

It was just a comment.  A short little quip in response to someone’s post on their blog or facebook, or a reply to a tweet.  So what?  Right?  Well, it could have detrimental effects.  And it may not even be an immediate effect.  It may come up months or even years later to bite you.

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