Dual Survival

As I’ve written in a prior post, one of my favourite shows is Survivorman.  It was with this show that I found just how much I like watching and learning how to survive all types of situations.  God forbid, I hope I never have to use anything I’m learning.

So, when I was channel surfing one day I came across another similar style show.  It’s called Dual Survival and it premiered this past summer.  The premise of this show is two individuals are set into an environment where people may find themselves lost or abandoned.  These two individuals are not just any Joe Lunchbox and Jack Sixpack though. Read more of this post


Police Scanner – Listen Live!

Ever wonder what the cops, paramedics and fire service talk about on their radios?  Get the inside scoop by listening here.  This is a feed of the WinnipegPoliceScanner.

Recently a law was passed banning cell phone usage by a driver in a vehicle.  I listened for a period while the cops pulled over dozens of drivers using their cell phones.  One guy even said he doesn’t own a cell phone.  They searched his vehicle and found the cell phone tucked under the seat.  BUSTED!

Another incident had fire trucks heading towards a fire drill.  Later an ambulance was dispatched to a hotel room for a woman who was vomiting blood.  Then car thieves were spotted trying to steal a car.

This stuff is addicting!

Use “crime” as the password (no double quotes).


*** Listen Here ***



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