Talking Toys

In today’s times it’s not uncommon to have one, two, or thirty talking toys for your kids in the basement, playroom or their bedroom.  Lately these talking toys are getting quite sophisticated.  We expect that they respond when we push a button on them, or move their wheels around.  And, they respond with whatever is programmed into them.  The kids have fun and think the toy is actually conversing with them.  Some of them even wait for a while and then ask “Hey, is anyone there?”  It’s a gimic meant to keep kids playing with the toy.

Have you ever been in one of these rooms at night, after the kids go to bed.  Perhaps you’re cleaning up, you move one of these toys and it starts chatting to you.  Not really an issue.  However, sometimes when the batteries get low they start talking all by themselves.  You’ll be watching TV, all relaxed when all of a sudden you’ll hear “Take a pic!” from the Diego camera in the corner, across the room.  It freaks you out, especially the first time you experience this.

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Lego – Where Did All of the Creativity Go?

My most favourite toy growing up was lego, no question about it.  These simple connection blocks entertained me for hours upon hours.  And, I believe these simple blocks gave me the opportunity and practice to use my imagination to picture the final product and work backwards to construct my compositions.

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