Spell Write!

You’re reading a document, manual or email and you come across a spelling mistake.  Are you like me in that it disrupts your concentration on what you’re reading?  Instead of seeing the sentence as a whole, you start looking at the individual words.  Sometimes I have to re-read the sentence trying not to focus on the incorrect word.

I’m pretty particular, and old school, when it comes to writing and spelling.  I even write my emails in a fairly formal matter, with proper spelling and punctuation.  That’s just who I am.  Some call me traditional.  Some call me anal.  And some call me very anal.  That’s just me.

If this occurred only once in a while I wouldn’t have an issue with it.  I’d just chalk it up to sloppiness.  But I see it time and again.  And certain people make the same mistakes consistently which tells me they don’t know the rules of how to use these quirky words.  So, I figure it’s time for a refresher of grade school spelling and word usage.  Perhaps you already know this stuff, but for those who don’t, please study up and understand why each word is used, don’t just use the same word for each situation or worse yet, take a guess at which one would fit your context. Read more of this post


Resume Writing – Take Your Time and Do it Right

While I was a Test Manager on one of my previous projects, the estimates for completing the required work was much higher than I had room for in my schedule.  There were no internal resources available so I had to look externally.  We put the word out to local and national contracting companies and were forwarded resumes of available individuals.

The first thing I noticed about these resumes was overall they were in pretty bad shape.  I had read the first couple of resumes from start to finish as I was intrigued to be on the hiring side of this process.  However, as time passed and the busier I got, I had less time to review these resumes.  The ones that did catch my eye were those that were formatted in a presentable, easy to read manner. Read more of this post

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