Rest in Peace, My Friend


This past week I lost a dear and close friend.  I’ve known and been very close with this friend for over 30 years, since I was a little boy.  My friend comforted me and supported me throughout all of these years.  Now I’m left trying to find a replacement.  And it may be a long road ahead to find an adequate substitute.

“Replace a friend?” you’re asking?  “Substitute?  You heartless low life!” Read more of this post


Seriously, Wake Up and Move Over

It’s been a long, busy day at work and now you’re looking forward to getting home.  One relatively quick bus ride and you’ll be there.  You board the bus and choose an empty seat next to a window.  The seat beside you is vacant.  Ahh… you can stretch your legs out and relax.

On the very next stop a passenger chooses to sit right beside you.  “Great!” you think.  So you begrudgingly shuffle over towards the window.  He takes this action as an invitation to spread out himself and get comfortable.  Now you’re squished against the bus wall.  “How long is this joker going to be on the bus,” you think to youself. Read more of this post

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